Crab Baskets

A long time ago I had just finished reading a book by William W Warner called \Beautiful Swimmers\" subtitled \"Waterman, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay\". The book was very well done and later won a Pulitzer Prize. I grew up around the inlets of the bay where I fished, crabbed and boated. The book caused me to think about doing some painting with the watermen on the bay. I was also struck by the very good drawings throughout the book by someone named Consuelo Hanks. For years I studied the skipjacks and the crews who worked them. It was oysters in the cold of winter and crabs in the summer. As the crabbers began their work there were always stacks and stacks of baskets that, it was hoped , would come back full of the delicious blue crab. The baskets would speak of days to come."

Canvas - $130

Giclée - $125

Note Card - $2

Prints are 85-95% of original size, except where noted otherwise.

Dimensions of Original:  17"W x 13"H