When I was quite young I went to the local library and looked through all kinds of books. In the beginning it was airplanes and trains, but soon I discovered the art books and began bringing them home. I looked at the pictures more than reading and began to appreciate the painting that people could do. At age twelve I picked my favorite artist and never let him go. Rembrandt! In addition there were paintings that I liked and attempted to copy them in pencil. Later I found that many artists copied other painters to learn their trade.(Rembrandt copied a portrait of Raphael).  So in recent years I gave it a try---- just for the fun of it. I copied a favorite Vermeer, a still life by Caravaggio, and finally the magnolia piece by Martin Johnson Heade... the Giant Magnolia.

Canvas - $105

Giclée - $100

Note Card - $2

Prints are 85-95% of original size, except where noted otherwise.

Dimensions of Original:  14"W x 9"H