Sam's View of Emmitsburg

Before I ever began a career in painting I was, for some years, a Presbyterian minister. After leaving that profession and becoming a full time painter I did accept a job as a part time pastor of a church in Emmitsburg, Maryland. From a high point in a cemetary overlooking the town, I could see at one glance all the churches of the village — from the Catholic church on the left all the way over to the Presbyterian church , that I served, on the right. I've always found it interesting to get up high and look down on a scene. My father in law, in his retirement years, decided to care for this cemetary .This is what he saw when he looked up from his work and looked out over his beloved town.

Canvas - $180

Giclée - $175

Note Card - $2

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Dimensions of Original:  27.5"W x 6"H